We will share with you hard-earned knowledge of the MBA admission process.
Once you have chosen the universities you will apply to, it is very important to organize your applications correctly in order not to find last minute surprises when you are sending them.
We will help you get organized and even organize a realistic schedule for the different parts of the applications. Many times the prospect students concentrate on the exams and forget all the other documents that they have to send along.
Timing is essential!Admission Essay Editing
We will help you edit your essays into something that will make B-schools admissions officers look carefully at your application dossier.
Each university and each program is looking for a specific type of candidate. It is very important that you know if you fit into that profile and if so, make sure your essays show it. Essays provide a unique opportunity to show who you are. You must take advantage of this chance and really make the most out of it.

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