We have a large variety of courses to satisfy the needs of each student. This courses are divided into levels.


  Introduction to oral and written language, and to basic grammar structures.

  The student will be able to travel and communicate with a limited vocabulary, beginning to use the four basic verb tenses.

  The student will be able to communicate with certain fluency both orally and written. Will be able to have short telephone conversations. The vocabulary adquired will let him participate in social conversations.

  The student will be able to solve different situations. Will read, write and speak fluently using a varied vocabulary.

  The student will read and write easily making only a few mistakes in the more advanced grammar, will understand conversations and conferences and will be able to take pent in them.

  The student will be fluent in most practical and social situations. Will read and write with no difficulty, even technical and specific material.


In all cases the study material is provided by SOL VAZQUEZ EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY.
The estimated time required for each level is between 80 to 100 hours. In the case of the most intensive and inmersion courses the student will require 20% less hours for frequency stimmulates the learning process.
The placement test is free.

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